2018 Michigan Governor Voters Guide

Bill Schuette (R) vs Gretchen Whitmer (D)

Governor | Election | Nov 6, 2018

The Candidates

Bill Schuette

Bill Schuette


Gretchen Whitmer

Gretchen Whitmer


The Issues


Ban or legal? Support Michigan’s 1931 pre-Roe law that criminalizes abortion?

Campaign Finance

Require political ads to disclose largest funders? Support Citizens United decision, allowing unlimited political donations from corporations & unions?

Climate Change

Consider climate change a critical threat? Limit creation of greenhouse gases? Participate in U.S. Climate Alliance, a coalition of states committed to climate change action?


Support President Trump’s choice of Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court? (before current allegations)


Prosecute all 17-year-olds as adults & house with adult criminals?


Support Trump’s imposition of tariffs on Chinese steel and other products?


Support Michigan’s redistricting ballot initiative 2 to address charges of partisan gerrymandering?


Opposes initiative. Asked MI Supreme Court to reject for creating “a fourth branch of government.”


Yes. “Gerrymandering continues to disenfranchise voters in Michigan.” Don’t let partisan legislators draw political boundaries.

Gay Rights

Support gay marriage?


No. Defended voter-enacted marriage ban as “a simple recognition that biology matters.” But will respect Supreme Court decision allowing it.


Yes. Introduced 2013 bill to repeal Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban, two years before Supreme Court legalized gay marriage.


Governor can appoint emergency managers for cities without consent?

Gun Control

Support more restrictive gun control legislation? Restrict semi-automatic weapons?

Health Care

Support or Repeal Affordable Care Act (ACA)? Accept Medicaid expansion to subsidize low-income participants? Require people to work to receive Medicaid?


Supports ACA. Held “Save Healthcare” rallies and led state Senate negotiations for Medicaid expansion. Opposes work requirements, which remove coverage  “when we should be expanding.”

Allow Planned Parenthood public funds for non-abortion health care?


Support DREAM Act (DACA) recipients who arrived illegally as children, to achieve legal status under certain conditions?


Declined to comment during campaign, but joined 2016 lawsuit to block DACA expansion.


Right-to-work law, preventing unions mandating dues for workers they represent?

Minimum Wage

Raise the minimum wage from the current $7.25/hr?

Net Neutrality

Require internet providers to provide all users equal access?


Support President Trump’s tax cuts? Cut Michigan taxes?

Voting Rights

Support stricter or broader voting and registration rules?