Partners and Resources

From all the feedback we’ve received, we know our voters guides are enormously helpful for voters who feel they don’t have enough trustworthy information about the candidates, or who feel overwhelmed by confusing claims and counterclaims. We hope you’ll integrate the guides into your voter engagement efforts, using some of the resources below.


We’ve developed proven tools and approaches for distributing the guides. These show how schools and partner organizations can most effectively promote our guides and get them out to your constituencies. The more ways you distribute the guides, the more they’ll become a key part of engaging people in voting.

Tools and Distribution Approaches

Guidelines and Opportunities

Please distribute the guides in every way you can, but do follow these guidelines:

Partner with Us!

If you’re not already promoting and distributing our guides, we’d love for you to work with us. We’d be delighted to talk with you about the most effective ways to do that. To connect, please fill out this brief form.


Organizations that have distributed or promoted guides, in addition to over 400 college campuses: