2018 Nevada US Senate Voters Guide

Adam Laxalt (R) vs Steve Sisolak (D)

Governor | Election | Nov 10, 2020

The Candidates

Adam Laxalt

Adam Laxalt


Steve Sisolak

Steve Sisolak


The Issues


Mostly ban or mostly legal?

Steve Sisolak (D)

Legal. Reproductive decisions should be between a woman and her doctor.


Support President Trump’s choice of Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court? (before recent allegations)

Adam Laxalt (R)

Yes. “I encourage the Senate to fairly and expeditiously confirm.”

Steve Sisolak (D)

No. Led protest in front of Senator Heller’s office opposing nomination.

Criminal Justice

Ease cash bail requirements to reduce incarceration?

Adam Laxalt (R)



Increase funding for K-12 education?

Adam Laxalt (R)

Vows not to reduce funding; will look at budget on possible increase.

Provide support to parents to send their children to private schools with public money?

Gay Rights

Support gay marriage and related issues?

Steve Sisolak (D)

Yes. Strong gay rights supporter, endorsed by major gay rights groups.

Gun Control

Support more restrictive gun control legislation? Restrict semi-automatic assault weapons?

Steve Sisolak (D)

Formerly opposed, now supports enforcing background checks, banning silencers, bump stocks, and assault weapons. NRA rating was 79% in 2012, now 7%.

Health Care

Support or Repeal ACA, aka Obamacare? Continue to accept Nevada’s ACA’s Medicaid expansion to subsidize low-income participants? Add Medicaid work requirements?

Allow Planned Parenthood to receive public funds for non-abortion health services?

Adam Laxalt (R)

Unclear. Investigated Planned Parenthood to confirm it didn’t do surgical abortions, but public funding is for federal government to decide.


Support DACA, allowing “Dreamers” who arrived illegally as children, then grew up in the US, to achieve legal status if meet certain conditions?

Support path to citizenship for America’s 11 million illegal immigrants?


What should companies be required to provide?

Net Neutrality

Support requiring internet providers to provide equal access to all users?

President Trump

Support for President’s policies?

Renewable Energy

Support Question 6, initiative requiring utilities to provide 50% of energy from renewables by 2030?


Position on state taxes, including commerce tax levy on businesses making $4 million or more a year.

Due to limited space, we can only include responses from candidates polling 15%, but encourage you to check out their websites. Other candidates include Jarod Lord (Libertarian), Russell Best (Independent American Party), and Ryan Bundy (Independent).

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