2018 Tennessee US Senate Voters Guide

Marsha Blackburn (R) vs Phil Bredesen (D)

US Senate | Election | Nov 6, 2018

The Candidates

Marsha Blackburn

Marsha Blackburn


Phil Bredesen

Phil Bredesen


The Issues


Mostly ban or mostly legal?

Marsha Blackburn (R)

Ban. Multiple votes to ban or restrict.

Phil Bredesen (D)

Legal, but hasn’t made high priority.

Climate Change

Consider climate change a critical threat? Limit or tax production of greenhouse gases?

Marsha Blackburn (R)

No. “The science around it is not a settled science.” Applauded withdrawal from Paris Climate agreement.

Phil Bredesen (D)

Yes. “It’s a serious issue.“ Supported US moving toward 25% renewable energy by 2025, although thought Obama’s Clean Energy Plan should have been passed by Congress, not regulation.


Supported Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court?

Phil Bredesen (D)

Undecided. “Deserves a fair and timely confirmation hearing.”


Support federal spending as a means of promoting economic growth?

Support President Trump’s imposition of tariffs on Chinese steel and other products?

Address debt and deficit?


Provide public support for parents to choose private schools for their children?

Marsha Blackburn (R)

Yes, has voted for vouchers.

Phil Bredesen (D)

No. Supports charter schools but “not wild about vouchers.


Support cutbacks in Environmental Protection Administration?

Gay Rights

Can businesses withhold services to same-sex couples?

Health Care

Support or Repeal Affordable Care Act (ACA), known as Obamacare?

Marsha Blackburn (R)

Repeal. Support health savings accounts, Association Health Plans and purchases across state lines.  Also ban Planned Parenthood receiving public funds for non-abortion health services.

Phil Bredesen (D)

Initially critical, but now supports with fixes: “Stabilize what we have.” On Medicare for Al, might support some initial baseline coverage, then add or adjust from there.

Require people to work to receive Medicaid?

Phil Bredesen (D)

No stand found.


Support DACA, allowing “Dreamers” who arrived illegally as children, then grew up in the US, to achieve legal status if meet certain conditions?

Support path to citizenship for America’s 11 million illegal immigrants?


Support Trump withdrawal from treaty limiting Iran’s nuclear capability in return for lifting economic sanctions?


Legalize or decriminalize marijuana?

Net Neutrality

Require internet providers to provide equal access to all?

President Trump

Trump: Percentage of key House votes supporting Trump positions.

Marsha Blackburn (R)

92% as of Sept 1.

Renewable Energy

Support government subsidies for renewable energy?

Student Debt & Financial Aid

Allow Planned Parenthood’s receiving public funds for non-abortion care?

Student Financial Aid

Should federal student financial aid, like Pell Grants, be increased?

Marsha Blackburn (R)


Phil Bredesen (D)

Unclear, but earlier pushed for free community college tuition.

Other Senate candidates include Trudy Austin (I), John Carico (I), Dean Hill, (I) Kevin Lee McCants (I), Breton Phillips (I), and Chris Todd (I). Due to limited space, we can only include candidates polling 15% or more, but encourage you to check them out.