2020 Iowa US Senate Voters Guide

Joni Ernst (R) vs Theresa Greenfield (D)

US Senate | Election | Nov 10, 2020

The Candidates

Joni Ernst

Joni Ernst


Theresa Greenfield

Theresa Greenfield


The Issues

Campaign Finance

Require political ads to disclose their largest funders?

Joni Ernst (R)

Unclear. Voted against Democratic bill requiring increased disclosure of political funders.

Climate Change

Consider human-caused climate change a serious threat?

Address as a top priority by taxing or limiting output of greenhouse gases? Support government subsidies for renewable energy?


Support administration’s response to coronavirus pandemic?

Support administration’s economic response to coronavirus pandemic?

Theresa Greenfield (D)

No. Said politicians bailed out big corporate donors and opposed paid sick leave. Prioritize “urgent economic relief to working families and small businesses,” not large companies. Seeks expanded benefits for laid-off workers.


Use public funding for private and/or for-profit schools?

Yes. Co-sponsored act providing tax credits for contributions to scholarship funds that could be used for private school tuition.

Likely no. Invest in our kids, teachers and public schools, so “we all do better.” “Put teachers and students first, not profits.”


Tighten or loosen environmental regulations?

Financial Regulation

Tighten or loosen regulation of banks and credit card companies?

Gay Rights

Support same-sex marriage?

Joni Ernst (R)

No recent position found. Saw marriage as “between one man and one woman.” Would support constitutional ban.

Theresa Greenfield (D)

Yes. Supports Equality Act, to “prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation.”


Create path to citizenship for “DACA” participants brought to the U.S. as children? Support border walls and reducing immigration?


Support Trump’s impeachment?


Oppose military attacks on Iran without congressional approval?


Support “right to work” laws, prohibiting unions from mandating dues for workers they represent?

Joni Ernst (R)

Yes. Co-sponsored National Right to Work Act bill.

Theresa Greenfield (D)

No. Supports PRO Act, “which would strengthen workers’ rights.”

Minimum Wage

Raise federal hourly minimum wage above current $7.25?

Joni Ernst (R)

No recent position found. Has opposed a federal minimum wage. As of 2014, “$7.25 is appropriate for Iowa.”

Social Security

Partly privatize Social Security or raise retirement age to stabilize program?

Joni Ernst (R)

Open to privatization as “an option.” Con-gress needs “honest conversation” behind closed doors about sustaining the program.

Theresa Greenfield (D)

Opposes privatization. Social Security allowed her to raise her two sons after her husband died in a workplace accident.

Planned Parenthood

Support Planned Parenthood receiving public funds for non-abortion care?

Theresa Greenfield (D)

Yes. Opposes “shutting down Planned Parenthood,” which serves “a crucial part of our population.”

Saudi Arabia

Support blocking arms sales to Saudi Arabia?

Joni Ernst (R)

No. Voted against Senate resolution blocking sale.

Theresa Greenfield (D)

No position found.

Student Financial Aid

Support lower interest or forgiveness on student loans?


Support administration’s $1.9 trillion (2017) tax cuts?

Joni Ernst (R)

Yes. Voted for 2017 tax cuts.

Theresa Greenfield (D)

No. Called the tax law “a windfall for the wealthy.”