2020 Missouri Governor Voters Guide

Nicole Galloway (D) vs Mike Parson (R)

Governor | Election | Nov 3, 2020

The Candidates

Nicole Galloway

Nicole Galloway


Mike Parson

Mike Parson



The Issues

Affordable Care Act

Supported 2020 ballot measure to expand Medicaid, an option available as part of ACA, known as Obamacare?

Campaign Finance

Require more disclosure about the sources of campaign financing?

Mike Parson (R)

No. Opposed 2018’s Constitutional Amendment One, which subjects lawmakers to open-records laws, limits lobbyist gifts, and limits partisan legislative redistricting.


Tighten or loosen restrictions to control pandemic?

Nicole Galloway (D)

Tighter. Wants new strategy including a mask requirement, “universal testing,” more PPE and better guidance for schools. “We need a plan that keeps all Missouri families safe.”

Infected children, risk infecting teachers, bus drivers, janitors, food service workers, parents, grandparents and neighbors.

Mike Parson (R)

Looser. Against mask requirements. “I don’t think that it is government’s role to mandate who wears one.” For early school reopening. Some kids will catch COVID at school but “will get over it.” They won’t have to go to hospitals or doctor’s offices.

Focus of economic response to coronavirus pandemic?

Nicole Galloway (D)

Galloway’s Covid-19 recovery plan includes paid sick leave, unemployment benefits, increased funding for county governments and support for small businesses.

Mike Parson (R)

June recovery plan calls for “no statewide public health order — Missouri will be fully open for business.” Offers guidance including social distancing in workplace.


Increase K-12 public funding? Stand on higher ed funding?

Use public funding for private and/or for-profit schools?

Nicole Galloway (D)

No. Wants tighter oversight of charter schools. “Using tax $ to fund charter schools” weakens public schools. Will “strengthen the state’s commitment to public schools.”

Mike Parson (R)

Yes. Declared week of Jan. 26 “Missouri School Choice Week” as a “nonpartisan” effort to shine a “positive spotlight on effective education options for students.”


Tighten or loosen environmental regulations?

Nicole Galloway (D)

No position found.

Mike Parson (R)

Loosen. Signed law barring localities from issuing environmental rules on large farms to “keep … agriculture production in our state.”


Support DACA program for residents brought to U.S. as children?

Mike Parson (R)

No position found. Voted to prohibit state benefits or ability to receive driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.


Back “right-to-work” laws, eliminating the ability of unions to mandate dues for workers they represent?

LGBT Rights

Support same-sex marriage and protection from discrimination on sexual preference?


Should state legalize marijuana?

Minimum Wage

Support raising state minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2023?

Nicole Galloway (D)

Yes. Supported Proposition B, which will raise state minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2023. “Every worker deserves a living wage.”

Mike Parson (R)

No. Did not support Proposition B and says he does not support raising minimum wage “at this time.”

Police and Community

Restrict police use of force and increase public oversight?


Support increase in state taxes?