2020 New Hampshire Governor Voters Guide

Dan Feltes (D) vs Chris Sununu (R)

Governor | Election | Nov 10, 2020

The Candidates

Dan Feltes

Dan Feltes


Chris Sununu

Chris Sununu



The Issues

Affordable Care Act

Support Affordable Care Act (ACA), known as Obamacare? Support expansion of Medicaid to more low-income citizens?

Dan Feltes (D)

Yes. Sponsored bill to protect people with pre-existing conditions by codifying provisions of the Affordable Care Act in New Hampshire law. Led efforts to reauthorize Medicaid expansion.

Chris Sununu (R)

Mixed. Has opposed ACA but also opposed repeal without replacement. “Completely dismantling the ACA would have a … shocking effect on our system.” Signed bill to protect coverage in state for pre-existing conditions and signed Medicaid expansion.

Climate Change

Consider human-caused climate change a serious threat?

Address as a top priority by taxing or limiting output of greenhouse gases? Support government subsidies for renewable energy?

Dan Feltes (D)

Yes. Transition off fossil fuels by 50% by 2030 and be fully powered by clean energy by 2050. His Green Jobs, Green Future plan includes investing in community solar and wind power and expanding net metering.

Gun Laws

Enact more restrictive legislation on guns?


Support “right- to-work” laws, eliminating unions’ ability to mandate dues for workers they represent?

LGBT Rights

Support protection from discrimination on sexual orientation?


Legalize recreational marijuana?

Chris Sununu (R)

No. Opposes efforts to legalize.

Student Financial Aid

Support lower interest on student loans or forgiving them?

Dan Feltes (D)

Yes. Co-sponsored bill to encourage employers to pay off part of employees’ student debt. Co-sponsored SB529, a workforce development student debt relief program.

Chris Sununu (R)

Yes. In 2019 called for diverting scholarship funds for student debt relief, a plan rejected in the legislature. In 2020 supports SB529, a related plan.

Voting Rules

Support stricter ID requirements and other rules on voting?

Dan Feltes (D)

No. “Voting rights are under attack as part of systematic effort.” Seeks automatic voter registration, online voter registration, and permanent no-excuse absentee voting.

Chris Sununu (R)

Yes. Vetoed bills establishing automatic voter registration and no-excuse absentee voting. Signed bill law that, before a court limited its reach, required college students who voted to re-register cars in the state.