2020 New Mexico US Senate Voters Guide

Ben Ray Luján (D) vs Mark Ronchetti (R)

US Senate | Election | Nov 10, 2020

The Candidates

Ben Ray Luján

Ben Ray Luján


Mark Ronchetti

Mark Ronchetti


The Issues

Campaign Finance

Require political ads to disclose their largest funders?


Require health plans to cover birth control?

Mark Ronchetti (R)

No position found. Supports the Hyde Amendment, which bars use of federal funds to pay for abortion.


Support Senate voting before election on Ginsburg replacement?

Ben Ray Luján (D)

Probable no. Baited Ronchetti asking him where he stood on it. But no direct stand found. See CEEP Supreme Court guide.

Mark Ronchetti (R)

No position found. See CEEP Supreme Court guide.


Use public funding for private and/or for-profit schools?


Tighten or loosen environmental regulations?

Financial Regulation

Tighten or loosen regulation of banks and credit card companies?

Mark Ronchetti (R)

No position found.


Support calling witnesses and indicting Trump on impeachment charges?


Oppose military attacks on Iran without congressional approval?

Mark Ronchetti (R)

No position found.


Support expansion of union rights?

Mark Ronchetti (R)

Mostly no. Supports “right to work” laws that  eliminate the ability of unions to mandate dues for workers they represent?

Legal Abortion

Legal or ban?

Ben Ray Luján (D)

Legal. Voted against multiple anti-abortion bills including one that would have banned abortions after 20 weeks. “I believe strongly in a woman’s right to choose.”

LGBT Rights

Support Equality Act protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination?


Keep illegal or decriminalize?

Mark Ronchetti (R)

No position found.

Minimum Wage

Raise federal hourly minimum wage above current $7.25?

Student Financial Aid

Support free or subsidized tuition for lower-income individuals?


Support administration’s $1.9 trillion (2017) tax cuts?

Voting Rights

Support stricter ID requirements and other rules on voting?