2022 Arizona Secretary of State Voters Guide

Mark Finchem (R) vs Adrian Fontes (D)

Secretary of State | Election | Nov 8, 2022

The Candidates

Mark Finchem

Mark Finchem


Adrian Fontes

Adrian Fontes


The Issues

Ballots – Verification

Support hand-counting paper ballots?

Voter fraud/Voter suppression

Is voter fraud or voter suppression the prime problem in elections?

Voter Registration

Should voter registrations be canceled for not voting?

Mark Finchem (R)

Yes. Voter rolls “are polluted,” “gotta clean ‘em up.” “AZ voter rolls have over 55k people who have moved out of state & are no longer eligible to vote. They should have already been removed before the 90-day window.”

Adrian Fontes (D)

No. Regarding removal of 55,000 people from the voter rolls, said, “This is illegal. Federal law prohibits this kind of voter purge.”

Voting Machines – Security

Sees foreign or other hacking and data security as threats to voting in Arizona?

Wrong Precinct

Should voters who end up in the wrong precinct be allowed to vote?

Mark Finchem (R)

No position found.

Adrian Fontes (D)

Yes. In 2017, as county recorder, opened voting centers for every registered voter, regardless of precinct. Supported eliminating voting at specific precincts and opening ballot centers for people to vote near their job, church, and school. Calls this move from a precinct-based polling model to a voter-center model “a pretty positive shift.”

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