2022 Florida Governor Voters Guide

Charlie Crist (D) vs Ron DeSantis (R)

Governor | Election | Nov 8, 2022

The Candidates

Charlie Crist

Charlie Crist


Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis



The Issues


Ban or legal?

Charlie Crist (D)

Legal. Cosponsored a bill to expand abortion services. Would sign an order “defending the right to access a safe abortion.” Was “pro-life” in the 2006 race; now says “I’m pro-choice.” New law that bans all abortions past 15 weeks without exception for rape and incest is “barbaric.”

Climate Change

Should climate change be a top priority? Tax or limit the output of greenhouse gases, or support renewable energy?


Use public funding for private and/or for-profit schools?

Charlie Crist (D)

No recent position found. In 2014, reversed his support for private school vouchers, part of the Scholarship program he signed into law in 2010, saying he no longer supported expanding them.

How to address the teaching of issues around racism and gender identity?

Increase funding for K-12 and higher education?


Did Joe Biden legitimately win the 2020 presidential election?

Gun Laws

Pass less or more restrictive legislation on guns?

Health Care

Increase government role in health care, such as expanding Medicaid, limiting drug prices, or promoting COVID safety?

LGBT Rights

Limit or expand LGBTQ rights?


Should recreational marijuana be banned or legal?

Minimum Wage

Keep or raise the state minimum? If raise, how much?

Student Financial Aid

Support lowering interest on student loans or forgiving them?


Should corporations and wealthier individuals pay less or more taxes?

Ron DeSantis (R)

Less. Signed bill that provided corporate tax relief.  Signed bill ending Disney’s special municipal status, but kept its tax breaks.

Voting Rules

Support tightened restrictions on such voting rules as absentee and early voting, and voter ID?

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