2022 Florida Senate Voters Guide

Val Demings (D) vs Marco Rubio (R)

US Senate | Election | Nov 8, 2022

The Candidates

Val Demings

Val Demings


Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio



The Issues

Climate Change

Should climate change be a top priority? Tax or limit output of greenhouse gases, or support renewable energy?


Decrease or increase government investment in, and regulation of, economy?

Val Demings (D)

Increase. Voted for the CHIPS Act and government incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act. Voted for the American Rescue Plan’s COVID relief and economic stimulus. Supported the $1 trillion infrastructure funding bill. Opposed weakening bank regulation.

Marco Rubio (R)

Mostly decrease. Opposed American Rescue Plan & bipartisan infrastructure bill. Voted against the Inflation Reduction Act. Voted against CHIPS Act to foster U.S technology development; China theft must be dealt with first. Co-wrote Paycheck Protection Program for small-business relief.


How to address the teaching of issues around racism and gender identity?


Did Joe Biden legitimately win the 2020 Presidential election?

Marco Rubio (R)

Mixed. Says Biden was legitimately elected. Called Jan 6 committee a “partisan scam.”


Loosen or tighten environmental regulations?


How to handle immigration? Support a path to citizenship for “DACA” participants brought to the US as children?


Make it easier or harder for unions to organize?

Marco Rubio (R)

Mostly harder. Opposes PRO Act, which would “mandate adversarial” labor-management relations. Supports alternative to unionization that promotes voluntary employee organizations to discuss workplace issues. Backed Amazon workers trying to unionize because Amazon allies with “the left in the culture war.”


Ban or legal?

Val Demings (D)

Legal. Voted to decriminalize marijuana. Voted for 2021 SAFE Banking of Act, prohibiting federal banking regulators from penalizing banks for serving “a legitimate cannabis-related business.”

Marco Rubio (R)

Ban. Calls recreational legalization “a terrible idea” sees marijuana as a “gateway” drug. Is open to possible FDA approval for medical use if doctors see marijuana as a medicine.

Minimum Wage

Keep or raise federal minimum from $7.25/hour? If raise, how much?

Val Demings (D)

Raise. “A $15 minimum wage is the least that American workers deserve.” Cosponsored Raise the Wage Act of 2021 to increase the federal minimum over five years.

Marco Rubio (R)

No recent position found. In 2013, said “I don’t believe a minimum law works.” In 2015 said the solution to low wages is to “create millions of jobs that pay more.

Police and Community

How to address police use of force?

Val Demings (D)

More public oversight. Cosponsored a bill to “ensure higher levels of training and accountability.” Cosponsored a bill that would make it easier to sue police officers, prohibit no-knock drug case warrants, and ban chokeholds and military weapons transfers.

Marco Rubio (R)

Mostly research further. “Bad police officers need to be fired,” and “if they’ve committed a crime, …prosecuted.” Police “should be reformed, not defunded.” Supported a bill to train police and collect data on use of force, with a limited chokehold ban.

Student Financial Aid

Support forgiving student loans or lowering interest on them?

Marco Rubio (R)

No to forgiveness. Loan cancellation would mean “hundreds of billions of dollars shelled out without congressional authorization.” Exceptions for some service members and terrorism survivors. Yes to eliminating interest, replacing with a one-time fee.


Should corporations and wealthier individuals pay less or more taxes?

Val Demings (D)

More. Voted for the Inflation Reduction Act, with provisions that set a minimum corporate tax and taxed corporate stock buybacks. Voted against the 2017 tax cuts, with provisions that reduced corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%.

Marco Rubio (R)

Less. Voted for the 2017 tax cuts that reduced corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%, though he also criticized them. Voted against the Inflation Reduction Act, which contained corporate tax provisions. Opposed high-earner tax increases, “Once you set up a new federal tax…They’ll keep going down the income brackets.”

Voting Rules

Support tightened restrictions on such voting rules as absentee and early voting, and voter ID?

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