2022 Minnesota Governor Voters Guide

Scott Jensen (R) vs Tim Walz (D)

Governor | Election | Nov 8, 2022

The Candidates

Scott Jensen

Scott Jensen


Tim Walz

Tim Walz


The Issues


How to address the teaching of issues around race and gender identity?

Increase funding for K-12 and higher education?

Scott Jensen (R)

No. When asked about putting more or less money into public schools, said “Less money, I think it’s a black hole.”

Tim Walz (D)

Yes. His 2022 budget adds 2% to the general education formula, with investments in reading proficiency, free meals, & teacher recruitment & mentoring. “We’re proposing historic investments in schools.”

Use public funding for private and/or for-profit schools?


Did Joe Biden legitimately win the 2020 Presidential election?

Scott Jensen (R)

No. As to whether Biden won the electoral college vote, said “I don’t know.” Said that in Arizona dead people voted in 2020 election.


Loosen or tighten environmental regulations?

Health Care

Increase government role in health care, such as expanding Medicaid, limiting drug prices, or promoting COVID safety?


How to handle immigration? Support a path to citizenship for “DACA” participants brought to the US as children?


Should recreational marijuana be banned or legal?

Minimum Wage

Keep or raise the state minimum from $10.33/hour?

Scott Jensen (R)

No position found.

Tim Walz (D)

Raise. As of 2018 supported a $15 minimum wage. Signed an order raising the minimum for personal care assistant workers to $15.25.


Should corporations and wealthier individuals pay less or more taxes?

We have space to include only candidates polling 15% or more, but check out others including Hugh McTavish (IPM) and Steve Patterson (G-LC).

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