2022 New Hampshire Senate Voters Guide

Don Bolduc (R) vs Maggie Hassan (D)

US Senate | Election | Nov 8, 2022

The Candidates

Don Bolduc

Don Bolduc


Maggie Hassan

Maggie Hassan



The Issues


Did Joe Biden legitimately win the 2020 Presidential election?

Gun Laws

Pass less or more restrictive legislation on guns?

Maggie Hassan (D)

More. Supports universal background checks and enacting red-flag laws that temporarily remove guns from people deemed a threat. Supports banning high-capacity magazines.

Health Care

Increase government role in health care, such as expanding Medicaid, limiting drug prices, or promoting COVID safety?


How to handle immigration? Support a path to citizenship for “DACA” participants brought to the US as children?


Make it easier or harder for unions to organize?


Ban or legal?

Don Bolduc (R)

Mixed. Supports legal medical marijuana but is wary of legalizing recreational marijuana. It “can be an entry drug… for our children.” Is concerned about people driving under the influence.

Police and Community

How to address police use of force?


Should corporations and wealthier individuals pay less or more taxes?

Voting Rules

Support tightened restrictions on such voting rules as absentee and early voting, and voter ID?

We have space to include only candidates polling 15% or more. But check out Jeremy Kauffman (L).

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