2022 Pennsylvania Governor Voters Guide

Doug Mastriano (R) vs Josh Shapiro (D)

Governor | Election | Nov 8, 2022

The Candidates

Doug Mastriano

Doug Mastriano


Josh Shapiro

Josh Shapiro


The Issues


Ban or legal?

Doug Mastriano (R)

Ban. Proposed a bill in the PA Senate banning abortion once “heartbeat” is detected (usually at six weeks), with no exception for rape, incest, or the life of the mother. “If the baby has a heartbeat, the abortion cannot be performed.”

Climate Change

Should climate change be a top priority? Tax or limit the output of greenhouse gases, or support renewable energy?


How to address the teaching of issues around race and gender identity?

Josh Shapiro (D)

No position found.

Use public funding for private and/or for-profit schools?

Doug Mastriano (R)

Yes. “Administrative bloat has become commonplace” in PA public schools. Wants to expand scholarship programs so parents can choose public or private schools.

Josh Shapiro (D)

No. Voted against a charter school voucher program in the state house in 2011. As attorney general, filed a brief supporting a lawsuit demanding adequate public school funding.


Loosen or tighten environmental regulations?

Doug Mastriano (R)

Loosen. Would cut statewide regulations in order to expand fracking and the coal industry.

Gun Laws

Pass less or more restrictive legislation on guns?

Josh Shapiro (D)

More. Supports universal background checks, closing the ghost-gun loophole, and red-flag laws, which allow courts to remove guns from people deemed to pose a threat.

Health Care

Increase government role in health care, such as expanding Medicaid, limiting drug prices, or promoting COVID safety?


Make it easier or harder for unions to organize?

Doug Mastriano (R)

Harder. Would make PA a right-to-work state, where employees in a unionized workplace are allowed to not pay union dues, which can lessen the union’s resources.

Police and Community

How to aHow to address police use of force?

Student Financial Aid

Support lowering interest on student loans or forgiving them?

Doug Mastriano (R)

No position found.

Josh Shapiro (D)

Likely yes. Co-led litigation in a lawsuit with 39 attorneys general that resulted in the cancellation of $1.7 billion in student loan balances at a major student loan servicer.


Should corporations pay less or more taxes?

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