2022 Wisconsin Governor Voters Guide

Tony Evers (D) vs Tim Michels (R)

Governor | Election | Nov 8, 2022

The Candidates

Tony Evers

Tony Evers


Tim Michels

Tim Michels


The Issues

Climate Change

Should climate change be a top priority? Tax or limit the output of greenhouse gases, or support renewable energy?


Use public funding for private and/or for-profit schools?

How to address the teaching of issues around racism?

Increase funding for K-12 and higher education?

LGBT Rights

Limit or expand LGBTQ rights?

Minimum Wage

Keep or raise the state minimum from $7.25 per hour?

Tony Evers (D)

Raise. “We can raise the minimum wage without impacting businesses across the state.” Since 2019 has sought to raise the wage to $15/hour.

Tim Michels (R)

No position found.

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